Our Services

PSS is a woman-owned (WBE/DBE/SBE) business that saves our clients time and money by providing our expertise in these services


PSS is highly successful in managing the Division of State Architecture (DSA) process in a timely way because of our deep expertise in DSA requirements and because we have worked tirelessly to build a strong working relationship and a positive reputation with DSA staff. PSS helps to strengthen relationships between school districts, architectural/engineering teams, and DSA by facilitating conversations and working toward project solutions.

In addition to managing current projects, PSS has helped California school districts complete the DSA closeout process for hundreds of completed but non-certified K-12 and Higher Education projects. Many of these were projects that the Districts and their consultant teams thought could not be closed, and some dated back as far as 1964.

These projects had issues with documentation such as:
• Missing change orders
• Deferred approvals
• Revisions
• Non-compliant scopes of work
• Non-compliant test results
• Missing DSA-6 by the original Project Inspector
• Fire sprinkler systems
• Fire alarm systems
• ADA compliance
• Missing in-plant reports.


PSS will scan and print your construction drawings, plans, and as-builts or deliver them in digital format.


PSS will bring order to the chaos in your plan room, physically sorting and arranging project drawings and plans.


PSS offers training online and in-person for architectural and engineering firms, other design professionals, school districts and others. You will gain knowledge and confidence with respect to DSA regulations, forms, processes, and procedures. Visit the Project Support Services YouTube Channel for basic information to guide you through DSA requirements. For more advanced training, we will work with you and your team to be sure everyone has all of the knowledge and skills necessary to take projects through the DSA process.

DSA Compliance and Project Management

PSS provides our clients a system for achieving compliance with DSA requirements in a timely and cost-efficient way. Our team has learned that a thorough understanding of the requirements and processes of DSA must be combined with discipline and a high level of organization to make the construction oversight process as efficient as possible. We believe that DSA certification begins at the start of the project, and documentation must be completed at every step of the way, so that at the end of the project, closeout is simple to complete.

As your project manager, PSS will lead your project through all phases of design and construction. We will coordinate the various teams that design and build your project to be sure it maintains appropriate scope, is completed on schedule and within the required budget, and in compliance with applicable regulations.


Many districts have many relocatable classroom units with records that have not been kept up to date. PSS will take stock of those units and produce an inventory that includes the identification number, location, certification status and other information about each unit.


PSS will create a searchable digital archive of your historic documents, drawings, and plans. This archive will be easily accessible from your computer.